Pearle Team Belief
We fix knees to restore an athletic lifestyle.

We believe athletic spirit lives within all of us and is essential for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whether your inner athlete comes out at the park, the gym, or the road; in the mountains, the water, on the ice or in the snow; on the diamond, the pitch, the court, the ring, or the field; whether with your friends, your teammates, your family, or on your own; in front of a couple fans or a couple million fans, we are here for you. When your knee is broken, overused, injured, or beat up, we are here to fix you. We will get you back in the game. 

Pearle Team Purpose, Mission and Vision 

Purpose- To support the essential physical and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle and pursuit of athletic activity by helping people with knee injuries safely engage in and/or return to an active lifestyle and the sports they love.

Mission- To prevent injury, improve performance, and restore knee function in order to maintain active lifestyles and participation in athletics for all age groups.

Vision- To build on Dr. Pearle’s long tradition of pioneering innovation, excellence in research, and expert surgical treatment to provide comprehensive knee care to all patients seeking to maintain an active lifestyle.
"Over the past 3 years, I've had partial knee replacements on both knees. This year, I've played hockey 122 times including this fun skate with my 3 kids. I can't thank Dr. Pearle and his amazing team enough."

Ralph W. | Princeton, NJ
"A heartful thank you to Dr. Pearle and his team. I recently completed all 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. I had suffered from acute knee pain for several years. My wonderful, thoughtful wife Andrea researched orthopedic physicians and found Dr. Pearle. He and his team took the time to explain what the partial knee replacement procedure entailed. After that, I was relaxed and very confident that I would have a good outcome.

Again, I am extremely appreciative to Dr. Pearle and his team for getting me back on the trail!"

Elliot K. | Beacon Falls, CT
"I could not be more impressed by Dr. Pearle! He is by far the best, nicest & most professional orthopedist surgeon I have been to. His staff is amazing, always available to answer questions & give reassurance, a reflection of the good energy in that office. After years of intense pain & fear of surgery, Dr. Pearle's kindness & professionalism convinced me in one visit to come from Los Angeles to proceed with a partial knee replacement. Dr. Pearle performs more of these than anyone in the country. Not a surprise that he is part of the wonderful team of surgeons at HSS. As promised, he had me back on my feet in no time, ready to hike the Alps mountains again! I cannot recommend Dr. Pearle enough & would go back to him without hesitation!"

Jacqueline B.R. | Los Angeles, CA