Patients Reviews

Deciding about having knee surgery can be daunting. but when I originally spoke to Dr. Pearle the sincerity of his telling me he could help me left an impression.....and in fact he did; the level of care, constant support, and immediacy of response to my questions and concerns by his staff was just heart warming. The pre-op information and videos were so detailed that i felt fully prepared for the surgery. it was actually calming. My only regret is that the reviews limit you to only 5 stars.What an approachable. unassuming great surgeon.....you will be in very good hands...dont even hesitate.

jackieb 826 | Jul 01, 2022

I had knee surgery to repair my lateral meniscus and the whole process through and through was great. The least pain I've ever had after surgery.

Joe | Jan 28, 2022

Dr. Pearle performed an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery on my left knee, using a hamstring tendon graft. From the initial evaluation appointment, to the last follow-up appointment, the care provided was attentive, prompt, comprehensive and expert. Nothing was left to chance, no question went unanswered, my needs were anticipated before I was aware of them. HSS, and Dr. Pearle, went above and beyond what I could have expected. The pathology was treated, the pain was alleviated, and the mental stress was mitigated as best as it could have been. I most wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Pearle. Thank you for giving me confidence.

Alexander S | Jan 23, 2022

Eight years ago, after much research, I traveled from the West Coast to HSS and Dr Pearle for my first partial knee replacement. Why settle for less than the very best? Definitely the right decision. Fast forward to today. Five days ago I had my left knee partial replacement. It was even easier this time. No pain, minimal swelling and stiffness. I LOVE DR. PEARLE. He listens and he hears. Treats the patient not the X-rays. I have never felt rushed. He’s kind, and surprisingly humble for such a brilliant surgeon. His staff is responsive and efficient. My extensive research to find the very best certainly paid off. Dr. Andrew Pearle - you are a Rock Star!

Rose Ann S | Oct 09, 2021

After over 40 years of continuing discomfort from a torn meniscus as a teenager, Dr. Pearle did a partial knee replacement for me. It was a breeze! I only wish I had done it sooner.

Anonymous | Sep 20, 2019

Dr. Andrew Pearle performed a partial knee replacement on me in 2014. He used the robotic MAKO technique, and the result has been outstanding. I have enjoyed 5 pain-free years since then, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Pearle for his excellent work.

Grace D. | Mar 12, 2019

Doctor Pearle performed a complete repair on my Rotor Cuff. The office staff was very attentive and helpful in preparation for my surgery and hospital stay. Would not hesitate for one second in seeing Dr. Pearle if I ever needed a great Orthopedic surgeon for my knees or shoulder again.

Chris J. | Feb 14, 2019

De Pearle performed a lateral knee replacement on my left knee. I am back to playing competitive singles tennis at the national level without pain and without limitations. Could not be happier and it is now 2 1/2 years later.

Gail W | Nov 06, 2018

"Over the past 3 years, I've had partial knee replacements on both knees. This year, I've played hockey 122 times including this fun skate with my 3 kids. I can't thank Dr. Pearle and his amazing team enough."

Ralph W. | Princeton, NJ
"A heartful thank you to Dr. Pearle and his team. I recently completed all 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. I had suffered from acute knee pain for several years. My wonderful, thoughtful wife Andrea researched orthopedic physicians and found Dr. Pearle. He and his team took the time to explain what the partial knee replacement procedure entailed. After that, I was relaxed and very confident that I would have a good outcome.

Again, I am extremely appreciative to Dr. Pearle and his team for getting me back on the trail!"

Elliot K. | Beacon Falls, CT
"I could not be more impressed by Dr. Pearle! He is by far the best, nicest & most professional orthopedist surgeon I have been to. His staff is amazing, always available to answer questions & give reassurance, a reflection of the good energy in that office. After years of intense pain & fear of surgery, Dr. Pearle's kindness & professionalism convinced me in one visit to come from Los Angeles to proceed with a partial knee replacement. Dr. Pearle performs more of these than anyone in the country. Not a surprise that he is part of the wonderful team of surgeons at HSS. As promised, he had me back on my feet in no time, ready to hike the Alps mountains again! I cannot recommend Dr. Pearle enough & would go back to him without hesitation!"

Jacqueline B.R. | Los Angeles, CA